Software Details

As we live in a technologically advanced society, it is becoming increasingly important for organizations to employ technology to improve their business efficiency. With this in mind, we offer technologies to organizations in a variety of industries that will not only boost production but also improve job quality and corporate control. Here are some of our systems:

Cloud Somsoft Hotel Management System

Cloud Somsoft Hotel Management System provides you with the ability to control all the work going in your hotel from anywhere at any time. It provides an easy reservation system and helps the hotel managers to generate reports in regards to the income and expenses of the operation. Here are some of its great features:



You can reserve guests, check the available rooms, check the clean/dirty rooms, etc all from a single window called Room Bed Search Center.


g account

You can track your guest account and export it to excel.

hotel service

All services consumed by the guest are recorded.

Cloud Somsoft Retail Pro Management System

As simple as you want, as sophisticated as you need – Somsoft Pro Retail Management System is one of the most comprehensive retail management software solutions. It increases operational efficiency to deliver increased productivity and ultimately widen profit margins. You can access the system from anywhere at any time. Here are some of its features:


Here are some of its features:

sales store





You can find the sales made by each store and exported to excel.



stock allo

You can transfer stock between stores.


stock movement

Any changes made to stock whether it is purchases, sales, allocation, etc all can be tracked in the stock movement report and can be exported to excel.


Cloud Somsoft Restaurant Management System

Somsoft Restaurant Management System helps you to manage your restaurant more effectively and efficiently by computerizing your meal ordering, billing, and inventory control and you can manage all that from one place.

Below are some of its features:

restaurant customer

The system provides you with the ability to keep track of your credit customer and export the transactions to excel

rest reserve

You can keep track of reservation tables, who reserve them, the arrival time, etc all in one place.


You do have a table-order window where you can select, cancel, print dishes, etc.


cancel rest

We also provide you with a cancel report that records the dishes that are canceled, the reason it was canceled, who cancel it, etc, and many more features.

These are features of some of our systems and if you are interested to request any of our systems please click here.

Cloud Somsoft Small Business Management System

Somsoft Small Business Management System is a customer relationship management system that gives you the ability to manage your business effectively and efficiently by computerizing your financial statement, billing, inventory control, and making invoices. You can manage all that from one package.


Here are some features:


You can add or remove customers.



You can create an invoice for the customer.



You can pay the pills to the supplier.