Somsoft Technology

Who We Are and What We Do?

We are a team of strong solid professionals with experience across different corporate sectors and countries that are diversified in business management to add value in priority areas in an innovative manner and make things happen timely and rightly to ensure the proper growth of a company.

New Start Computer and Management Training is a privately owned consultancy company established in Dubai November 2002, managed by Issa Mohamed Ali, a strategist and a director executive with proven track record in leading, creating and improving business profitability across different corporate sectors, but after 2012 the company changed its name and called Somsoft Technologies.

SomSoft Technologies is a One Stop Business Consulting Solution that helps organizations to solve issues, helps to pursue the vision, mission and value of the company, maximize growth and improve the business performance of the clients. Our expert team provides objective advice, expertise and specialist skills which the organization may be lacking.

We help to provide advices to organization to reduce operational cost, reduce business risk, generate value from new resources and help clients to be more innovative in marketing their services. We are ready to help, manage and succeed.

Our focus is on the organization’s strategy, structure, management and operations. We identify options for businesses and suggest recommendations for change, as well as assisting in implementing solutions including resources.

We operate across a wide variety of services such as business support, marketing, accounting and management controls, human resources, information technology, e-business and operations, and supply-chain management.

We have the following divisions

Business Support

Our advisors provide
broad business solutions
that helps management
make more effective
business decisions to
meet business needs.

Accounting Services

We take the complexity
out of accounting so
clients can focus on
running their company.

IT Services

Our team analyzes the
business’ IT needs and
problems and offer
consultancy on the best
economical and practical
solution that meet client

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